In short, because it works.  If you aren't uncomfortable, you aren't changing. We challenge you to be uncomfortable each time you come through the doors. Discomfort is relative to each person who comes in.  Your discomfort parameter will grow as you get fitter... it's a pretty cool process.
M-F: 5:00, 6:00 ,9:30AM, Noon, 4:30, 5:30, & 6:30PM
Sat: 9:00AM Partner WOD, 10:00AM Hero WOD and Lifting
Sun: 9:00-11:00AM Open Gym (3 Sundays/Month)
We are not a giant corporation that can reallocate money from one location to another.  We are a small business, with limited membership, all of which need to contribute to pay for: rent, equipment, utilities, services, and other things that make us a place you WANT to come to each day.  We are more costly then a Globo gym because we are worth more to you.  We look after and take care of you - we scale and modify workouts for you.  We invest in YOU.  We don't want you to pay our fee and not show up (like we KNOW happens at a Globo gym).  We are sincerely focused on making you more capable.  

So before you order your next Starbucks for the low low cost of $6 or more, know that you will pay less than that at our HIGHEST membership rate per day... AND we will give you far more than the caffeine buzz that will wear off in 2-3 hours.

It will be the best money you invest each month!  AND we are more than competitive with other local boxes... go ahead look around :) 
Nope. Nah. Nuh unh.  Just get your ass in here.  We have all been where you are.  It is going to hurt (in a good way), but the more regular you come the more you will get use to it.  You will be crushing life sooner than you can imagine. 
Nope.  Sorry, not sorry, to wipe that excuse off your list but there are 90 year-olds doing CrossFit.  If you are willing to show up this could be the single biggest game changer for your life enjoyment.  It will make you more capable then you thought possible at this age.  
So, no big deal.  We modify for anything and everything.  You can't use this as an excuse.  It's on you if you choose to use your injury/ailment as an excuse to avoid being the best version of yourself... we don't want any part of that.

So... get your ass in here.
We do.  We offer an On-Ramp class to anyone who has not done CrossFit before.  The On-Ramp class is 4 private sessions with one of our coaches.  It will take you through the 9 Foundational Movements of CrossFit as well as the two Olympic Lifts.  

However, once you are good to go, all of our athletes train together in the same classes.  That is why we have scaling options.  Coaches will guide and push you based on where you are in your fitness journey.  It is one of the most awesome aspects of CrossFit.  We're in it together!